Its about money...YOUR money!

Expense Management Advisors helps clients:

  1. Tap into and identify “hidden” recovery opportunities that already exist with a client’s organization. 

  2. Identify net-income improvement opportunities using best-in-class industry expertise, to eliminate unnecessary costs and create sustainable results.

  3. Develop a successful implementation plan to convert this newly developed knowledge into measurable financial improvements.

Our Value Proposition:

  1. BulletRecovery and Cost Containment programs are identified and developed within a period of time, during which our teams collaborates with a client’s organization to:

  2. BulletPerform a preliminary assessment of the client’s existing conditions. Focus on key financial data points to gain a sound understanding of the client’s organization, core business processes and overall operations, to identify the key levers that improve financial performance.

  3. BulletRapidly identify, extract and refine the best cost savings and recovery generation ideas and opportunities.

  4. BulletProvide risk weighted analysis to senior management for approval.

  5. BulletCreate a road map and project plan for successful implementation of the Recovery Programs to improve  operating results.


  7. We understand the value of a "One Stop Shop" when it comes to consulting expertise. We also understand that nobody is an expert in every category. Expense Management Advisors, LLC (EMA) forms true strategic partnerships with service providers that augment our capabilities and assist us in securing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

  8. We offer our services on a flexible, performance-based fee arrangement, including contingency based fees that are sensitive to the critical cash-flow needs of our clients.