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Occupancy Cost Audits:

Real estate leases represent a significant expense. With today’s economic headwinds, more business leaders are carefully scrutinizing their fixed occupancy costs to improve net income. Clients may think they handle this review process in-house; however, most businesses are unable to devote the time or resources necessary to identify and recover erroneous overcharges that are hidden within complex lease clauses, convoluted reconciliations and unexplained expenses. The large audit, tax and advisory firms are not staffed nor equipped to specifically devote the time and expertise necessary to identify and recover erroneous overcharges.

We are professionals with more than 20 years’ experience devoted exclusively to real estate audit cost recovery. Our occupancy cost audit provides the solution to recoup substantial overcharges. We review every facet of the client’s lease to uncover billing errors, maximize lease compliance and control future occupancy costs.

Due to bandwidth limitations with very large multi–location clients it is not uncommon for some providers to subcontract portions of an audit to unrelated third party sources to complete the work which can result in inconsistent results. We do not view that as a practical solution that will yield accurate and thorough results.

We have the luxury of a diverse seasoned team, all with prior successful careers in the real estate and accounting industries. Each Associate brings high value talent to our organization and we regularly provide opportunities for sharing best practices that over time elevate the effectiveness of our national team of 40+ auditors.

Our proven expertise, technology and superior scope of services sets us apart from our competition. Today’s competitive industry demands that your business cover more ground than ever before — yet paying excess occupancy costs should not be part of the territory.

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