Its about money...YOUR money!

Prescription Drug Benefit Savings:

Prescription costs have grown to 20% of healthcare budgets and continue to increase by 15-20% annually! It is the only unregulated component of your healthcare related spend.

Expense Management Advisors has teamed with a national thought leader in Pharmacy Benefits Management.

Average savings generated by our Transparent/Fiduciary PBM model are in the 15-20% range.

How do we do this?

Our model has a single source of revenue – a per-transaction administrative fee. 

  1. We eliminate the hidden markups, commissions, and fees

  2. We return rebates to you instead of keeping them as compensation for our service.

  3. We guarantee the total elimination of “spread pricing”

Our confidential audit model of your exact prescription costs provides insight on all unnecessary charges; identifies and reveals the hidden costs; and quantifies your savings potential.

This unique paradigm shift ensures that PBM plans are operated for the benefit of the client first, last and always, with a focus on better wellness outcomes. There is no mark-up on the cost of any drug. The price is your price. Formularies are designed for the best therapeutic and economic outcomes only, without bias toward rebates or spread pricing.

If you are a self-insured employer and would like to understand the value this will create for your organization and plan members, please contact us.