Its about money...YOUR money!

Vendor Credit Recovery™:

  1. Failing to add a Vendor Credit Recovery™ (VCR) audit to your traditional AP duplicate payment audit process may diminish your total potential recovery by 40% - 60%.

  2. We represent an international recovery audit service to Fortune 1,000 companies.

  3. Our offering is distinctive, and significantly different, than other recovery audit firms. We focus solely on Vendor Credit Recovery™ and have for over 28 years.

  4. Our process compliments any recovery program presently in place to address overpayments, unapplied cash, and rebates as well as duplicate payments, by reviewing our clients SUPPLIER A/R files NOT our CLIENTS A/P files.

  5. Our services are often confused with duplicate payment firms; and that’s neither what we do nor how we recover the most significant dollars.

  1. BulletWe continue to refine our World Class Processes and evolve to meet the needs of our clients to comply with industry standards. We remain committed to delivering the highest quality recoveries with the least impact on our client’s business practices.

  2. BulletNumber of suppliers/vendors within organizations’ existing base could number in the thousands.

  3. BulletClients and suppliers employ disparate types of ERP systems that transact hundreds of times daily and, at tmes, fail to communicate successfully with each other.

  4. BulletThese communications often result in organizations losing hundreds of thousands of dollars that unknowingly become written off within their own systems.

  5. BulletWe employ a unique Vendor Credit Recovery™ approach that yields significantly more financial benefit than a traditional duplicate payment audit recovery.

  6. BulletOur technology tools and operational processes identify and recover “LOST” credits (unclaimed, unapplied or hidden).

The practices we employ are aligned to meet the audit standards of some of the largest and most well managed companies in the world.

Additionally, our business and data processes and practices have been deemed compliant with some of the most rigorous physical and systems security standards found in today’s commercial and enterprise marketplaces.

  1. BulletOur recoveries average $1 million for every $1 billion in auditable spend per annum.

  2. BulletOur practices uncover credits owed that traditional post audit firms or statement firms do not.

  3. BulletOur clients employ us to augment their existing AP audits seeing that overlap efforts are nonexistent.

  4. BulletOur results are seen and hit our clients’ books within 6 to 8 weeks after our initial engagement.

  5. BulletOur process augments a traditional A/P audit. The process is complimentary with no overlap.